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Marta Latorre (April, 1988) is an Andalusian multidisciplinary artist living and working in The Netherlands since 2016. With a background in painting and sculpting, she finds interest in film and architecture. Currently, the  subjects of her work can be contextualized in the social and cultural fields, where she investigates the concept of belonging and  identity as a result of the Spanish colonial project.











Marta Latorre Rubio


b.1988, Spain






2016-2018 Master Interior Architecture and Research in Design, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. The Netherlands.

2009-2010 Akedemie der Bildenden Kunst. Munich, Germany.

2006-2011 Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Universidad de Granada, Spain.






2018 Ulterior. Dutch Design Week 2018. Eindhoven, The Netherlands


2018 Excavating Empathy, Tent Center for Contemporary Art. Rotterdam, The Netherlands


2017 Drawing Out: Material Dialogues with the Boyarsky Collection. deSingel Kunstcampus Antwerp, Belgium


2013 Analogía entre Pato & Pato. Exhibition in Fine Art University Exhibition Hall. Granada, Spain


2011 Circuitos ´11. Rey Chico Exhibition Center. Granada, Spain


2011 TRN, La casa de la Palmera. Granada, Spain


2008-2010-2013 Up-and-Coming Artists of Almería. Rafael Alberti Exhibition Space.

Almería, Spain


2010 Jahre Ausstellung. Akademie der Bildenden Kunst. Munich, Germany